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To contact me, please use the links above or send me an email to fgolemo at gmail dot com.

If you’re a student looking for an internship, please use this form: https://forms.gle/BB5csPfhZ7zUEEgg9


I’m a Postdoctoral fellow at Mila and Université de Montréal, Canada under the supervision of Aaron Courville and Liam Paull, as well as a Research Intern at ElementAI under supervision of Chris Pal. My current research interests focus on the development of better machine learning algorithms for the control and modelling of robotic systems. I’m particularly interested in transferring policies from simulation to real robots and in solving the problems that low-cost robots pose. I received my Ph.D. from INRIA Bordeaux where I was supervised by Pierre-Yves Oudeyer. I obtained my M.Sc. in Amsterdam in the Artificial Intelligence - Cognitive Science program and my undergrad took place at the University Leipzig in Computer Science and Developmental Psychology.